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Animes and Games I've Seen/Played, Going to See/Play, and Want to See/Play

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Animes I've Seen:
Armitage III - Dual Matrix
Chobits - (Episodes 1-8)
eX-Driver (Complete Series and Movie)
Get Backers (episodes 1-5)
Golden Boy (Complete)
Gravitation (Epsidoes 1-6)
Gundam Wing (Cartoon Network; Endless Waltz)
Interstella 5555 (Complete)
InuYasha (bits and pieces of CartoonNetwork; Episodes 1 and 2)
Kite (Complete)
One Piece (4.Kids)
Outlaw Star (Complete)
RahXephon (Episodes 1-5)
Sailor Moon (S - Vol 5 DVD; Cartoon Network =/...)
Saint Tail (Episodes 8-11)
Shaman King (4.Kids)
Tokyo Godfathers (Complete)
YuGiOh! (Cartoon Network/4.Kids bits)

Animes Set Up To Be Watched:
Aquarian Age (Episodes 1-5)
Armitage III - Poly-Matrix
Bleach (Episodes 1-43)
CardCaptors (4.Kids/Cartoon Network)
Castles In The Sky
Chobits (Episodes 9-27)
Kiki's Delivery Service (Disney channel...)
Princess Mononoke
Record Of Lodoss War (Chapters 1-13)
Trigun (DVD Collection)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Cartoon Network...)

Anime I really want to see:
Cardcaptors (that 4.Kids/Cartoon Network hasn't had)
Get Backers (Gotta see the rest)
Gravitation (Gotta see the rest)
One Piece (that 4.Kids hasn't had)
Shaman King (that 4.Kids hasn't had)
Wolf's Rain
Yu-Gi-Oh (that 4.Kids hasn't had)

Games I've Played:
Final Fantasy VII (PS, PC)
Final Fantasy VIII (PS)
Final Fantasy X(PS2)
Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
Xenosaga (PS2)
Xenogears (PS)

Games I'm Playing:
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X-2 (Still getting all those completion points my second round)
Kingdom Hearts (almost done...)
Orphen (final battle)

Games To Start:
Parasite Eve
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