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Yuri Drabble Challenges

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yuridrabbles issues the below challenges along with the fics I have written to go with.

Yuri Drabbles

Yuri Drabble #1 - First Kiss
Title: Learning to Trust Again
Author: Selena Barton
Series: Final Fantasty X-2
Rating: PG
Warnings: Shouji-ai/Yuri, Spoilers for parts of the game.
Genre: Fluff
Pairings: Paine x Rikku (past) Paine x Yuna (present)
POV: Paine
Disclaimer: Not mine. If they were I wouldn’t be on unemployment.

Yuri Drabble #2 - Just Rewards

Yuri Drabble #3 - We're In This Together

Yuri Drabble #4 - Pain
Title: Runaway Train
Author: Selena Barton
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairings: Catherine x Relena, 1x4, 2x5
Genre: songfic
Warnings: Extreme angst, suicidal (she ain't dead, I'll have her alive again as soon as I find the right way to write the next part, I swear)
Length: 14 pages, 5,083 words including lyrics
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters or the song, just messin' with 'em. Song is "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum.

Yuri Drabble #5 - Boys
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