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GW500 Challenges

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I just joined gw500 and I plan on going back and trying to write for a few of the older challenges as well, just for my own entertainment.

Challenges by gw500

This is just a short list of the challenges and when I get them done, any fics I will write for them will have links here as well. If you would like to read the other authors fics please go to the community and read, comment, and enjoy.

This list will be rather undetailed once I get them all in my notebook where I can keep them handy while offline.

Challenge #77 - Redeem
To save, saving attribute, or cashing in pop bottles...
Due Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
Bonus pairing: Heero/Trowa

Challenge #76 - Haze
Due Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
Bonus pairing/characters: Heero/Hilde

Challenge #75 - Master
Due June 1, 2005
Bonus Pairing: Sally/Zechs

Challenge #74 - Revelations
Due May 25, 2005
Bonus pairing: Zechs/Duo

Challenge #73 - Fall
Due May 18, 2005
Bonus pairing: Treize/Noin

Challenge #72 - Balance
Due May 11, 2005
Bonus pairing/characters: Heero/Noin

Challenge #71 - "Between the lines"
Due May 4, 2005
Bonus pairing: Dorothy/Hilde

Challenge #70 - Window
Due April 27, 2005
Bonus pairing: Trowa/Wufei

Challenge #69 - Tradition
Due April 20, 2005
Bonus pairing: Relena/Heero

Challenge #68 - Hollow
Due April 13, 2005
Bonus Pairing: Lady Une/Zechs Merquise

Challenge #67 - Element
Weather, surprise, or chemical component...
Due April 6, 2005
Bonus pairing: Trowa Barton/Quatre Winner

Challenge #66 - Doubles
Twins, clones, pairs, tennis, seeing double...
Due March 30, 2005
Bonus pairing: Trowa Barton/Lucrezia Noin

GW500 Admin note: Starting from this challenge on, we will be issuing bonus pairings along with the prompt to serve as potential extra inspiration. Pairing is just a convenient term, and in no way implies that the characters that come up in our random generator need to be romantically inclined towards one another.

Challenge #65 - Philosophy
A particular take on an idea, expounding Plato, or simply the love of knowledge
Due March 23, 2005

Challenge #64 - Invitation
Due March 16, 2005

Challenge #63 - Forgotten
Due March 9, 2005

Challenge #62 - Three
Due March 2, 2005

Challenge #61 - Dodge
Due February 23, 2005

Challenge #60 - Clouds
Due February 16, 2005

Challenge #59 - Intimidate/Intimidation
Due February 9, 2005

Challenge #58 - Trees
Due February 2, 2005

Challenge #57 - Intangible
Due January 26, 2005
An idea, a memory, a theory, an emotion, an action, whatever it is that intangible inspires you to write

Challenge #56 - Sprawling
Due January 19, 2005
The sprawl of a city, of handwriting, or of limbs across the sheets, whatever it is that sprawling inspires you to write

Challenge #55 - Music
Due January 12, 2005
A song, an instrument, a voice, a welcome proposition, whatever it is that the word "music" inspires in you

Challenge #54 - Midnight
Due January 5, 2005
The deepest blue... the witching hour... whatever it is that midnight inspires you to write.

Challenge #53 - Faith
Due December 29, 2004

Challenge #52 - Charcoal
Due December 22, 2004

Challenge #51 - Fantasy
Due December 15, 2004
Whether it's the genre or a hidden desire, whatever the meaning of "fantasy" envokes in you

Challenge #50 - A Brick
Due December 8, 2004

Challenge #49 - Thanksgiving
Due December 1, 2994
The holiday, giving thanks, or even a reflection on what is truly important, whatever "thanksgiving" envokes in you

Challenge #48 - Mediums
Due November 24, 2004
Psychics, shirt sizes, or artistically speaking, whatever it is that "mediums" inspires you to write

Challenge #47 - Sign
Due November 17, 2004
A sign from above, a road sign, a sign between lovers... whatever the word "sign" envokes in you

Challenge #46 - A Shortage
Due November 10, 2004

Challenge #45 - Trip
Due November 3, 2004

Challenge #44 - Premonitions
Due October 27, 2004

Challenge #43 - Right
Due October 20, 2004
Whether it's giving directions: "Turn right at the Exxon station." "Oh yeah, baby, right there!" .. a polical stance, or just being correct... write whatever it is the word/meaning behind "right" inspires in you.

Challenge #42 - Dolls
Due October 13, 2004
Mobile dolls, a child's toy, or the empty, soulless shell of an android body...

Challenge #41 - Alarm
Due October 6, 2004
...bypassing an alarm, feeling a sense of alarm, or even setting off the smoke detector... whatever the word "alarm" inspires you to write

Challenge #40 - Seven Sins
Due September 29, 2004
Avarice, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Pride, or Lust.
Whatever one of the "seven sins" inspires you to write

Challenge #39 - Luck
Due September 22, 2004
...lucky in love *wink*, good luck, or Lucky Charms ... whatever it is that "luck/lucky" inspires you to write

Challenge #38 - Benefits
Due September 15, 2004

Challenge #37 - My Turn
Due September 8, 2004
Attitude, light or dark... situation, playing games, top or bottom... Whatever it is that "my turn" inspires you to write

Challenge #36 - Competition
Due September 1, 2004

Challenge #35 - Expectation
Due August 25, 2004
Your mission is to write 500 words about "expectation" or any form of the word - expect, unexpected... you get the picture.

Challenge #34 - Flattery
Due August 18, 2004
You know what they say, flattery will get you everywhere.

Whatever it is that "flattery" inspires you to write

Challenge #33 - Distraction
Due August 11, 2004
Distractions come in many forms and impact our lives in different ways - whether its for the good, or the bad...

Challenge #32 - A Contract
Due August 4, 2004
Signing a prenuptual agreement... Reviewing the lease on a new apartment... Accepting a contract killing...

Challenge #31 - Challenge
Due July 28, 2004

Challenge #30 - Laundry
Due July 21, 2004

Challenge #29 - The Morning After
Due July 15, 2004
What happens the morning after... after whatever took place the night before, took place.

Challenge #28 - Timing
Due July 7, 2004
Good timing, bad timing, or even getting under the hood of a car...

Challenge #27 - Disappointments
Due June 30, 2004
Whether it's a situation, a relationship, or great expectations crashing to the ground...

Challenge #26 - Identity
Due June 23, 2004
Sense of self, perception of others, secret identities, or the process of identification....

Challenge #25 - Accents
Due June 16, 2004
Whether it's a lilting Scottish brogue, a hair bobble, or special emphasis on just about anything...

Challenge #24 - Magic
Due June 9, 2004
Whether it's learning some sleight of hand, developing mystical powers (newtypes?), or just a songworthy magic moment, whatever it is that "magic" inspires you to write about

Challenge #23 - Security
Due June 2, 2004
Whether it's cuddling up with a security blanket, running from building security, trading in securities, or a sense of security....

Challenge #22 - Phobia
Due May 26, 2004
Arachnophobia... Agoraphobia... Claustrophobia... Xenophobia... Ithyphallophobia?! :o

Challenge #21 - Being Haunted
Due May 19, 2004
Secrets... guilt... a vengeful spirit...

Challenge #20 - Something Soft
Due May 12, 2004
This could be an object... a feeling... a spoken word...

Challenge #19 - Communication
Due May 5, 2004
This could be something overheard... A misunderstanding... You could write everything in pure dialogue... Or explore how some conversations need no words at all...

Challenge #18 - An Injury
Due April 28, 2004

Challenge #17 - Don't Look Back
Due April 18, 2004

Challenge #16 - Red
Due April 11, 2004
Red lips... Red roses... Blood red...

Challenge #15 - Being Alone
Due April 4, 2004
Some people are comfortable with no one around but themselves, while others crave company. Self-imposed, or otherwise, give us a tale of solitude.

Challenge #14 - Lost Item
Due March 28, 2004
Something that has been lost... Or something that has been found... Tell us about an object, important or not, that has been misplaced by its owner. Intangible things also acceptable.

Challenge #13 - A Beverage
Due March 21, 2004
Does Quatre guzzle tea in so many fics because he's powerfully addicted to caffeine? Does Une prefer red or white wine depending on her personality? What kind of conversations go on around the watercooler on the Libra?

Challenge #12 - Whisper
Due March 14, 2004
This could be a quietly told secret... Or the sound of wind stirring the leaves of trees in the distance... Or even the faintest of memories in the back of someone's mind...

Challenge #11 - Rhythm
Due March 6, 2004
This could be the steady drum of a heartbeat... The tempo of a good song... The noticable familiarity of someone's gait...

Challenge #10 - Ten
Due February 28, 2004
Ten years... Ten friends... Ten miles... Ten ways to say you're sorry... Or if you want to have fun with numbers, give us a 2x5, 1+9, 6+4, etc. etc.

Challenge #09 - Melting
Due February 21, 2004
Ice melting in a glass... Snow melting on the ground... Metal melting under the power of a beam rifle...

Challenge #08 - Colony
Due February 14, 2004
Lady Une touring to speak to colony leaders... The infamous L3-X18999... Civil unrest and/or the viral outbreak on V08744 in the L2 cluster... Sally making a false report about the attack on the dissidents at L5's A0206... The boredom of travel between some of the more distant Lagrange points...

Challenge #07 - Strawberries
Due February 7, 2004
This could be the rather cliche, yet enjoyable moment of lovers feeding fruit to one another. It could be in reference to the colour of someone's lipstick. It could be the shape of a scar or a birthmark on someone's hip. Or, you can choose to take the challenge literally and simply write us a "strawberry" (1x5/5x1) fic.

Challenge #06 - Unfamiliar Surroundings
Due January 31, 2004
The first time one of the pilots saw the sky from Earth... the endless parade of new schools that Relena encountered as a diplomat's daughter... the way everything must have seemed to Trowa when he lost his memory...

Challenge #05 - Party
Due January 24, 2004
Birthday? Anniversary? Retirement? Bridal shower? Bachelor(ette)? Tupperware??
Whatever sort of party you'd like to write about, entertain us with a tale of some sort of celebration (or a celebration gone awry!).

Challenge #04 - Digging
Due January 17, 2004
This could be something introspective: a search for truth or buried memories. It could be something literal: digging a garden or a grave. Whatever it is that 'digging' inspires you to write

Challenge #03 - Photography
Due January 10, 2004
This could be anything from an officer examining satellite surveilllance to someone looking at an ad hanging in a bus station, or from taking a picture to being photographed. Whatever the concept of a photograph brings to mind

Challenge #02 - The Turning Of The Year
Due January 3, 2004
Are there resolutions that have been broken, fulfilled, or newly made? Does the New Year come with explosions and grief, or champagne and kisses? Whatever the turning of the year brings for the people of the After Colony timeline

Challenge #01 - Cold
Due December 27, 2003
This can be anything, from the cold of winter to the cold touch of steel, or even the cold calm Trowa displays during battle. Whatever it is that your muses make of "cold", you have until the end of Saturday
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